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“Narrative deutscher Migration nach Amerika”

“Narratives of German Migration to America”


German migration to America – to the colonies as well the United States – was one of the consequences of the people’s struggle against repression and violence, and injustice. In this course, we will read texts (diaries, prose, poetry/lyrics, and drama) by German immigrants and also texts by contemporary authors that deal with German as well as German Jewish migration to the Americas. We will approach these writings as a reflection of the Zeitgeist (the social perception or characteristic spirit of the times that gave form to the cultural outlook of an epoch or generation) and critically analyze their contextual meaning.
In the first half of the semester, we will work with Max Kade writer-in-residence Dr. Bernhard Doppler (theater critic and cultural journalist, Berlin), who will teach about “German Immigrant Theater.” In the week of March 9th, we will welcome the composer and musician Peter Androsch, who is collaborating with Dr. Doppler on the opera project “The Battle of New Ulm” that deals with the topic of German immigration to America.

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