EASTON, Pa.—German artist Bodo Korsig will return to Lafayette on Tuesday March, 23. Korsig was part of a joint artist-in-residence program between Lafayette’s Max Kade German Center and the Experimental Printmaking Institute in 2003. He will be giving a talk at the Williams Center for the Arts at noon on Tuesday.

Korsig spent his time in 2003 working with students at EPI and in other disciplines at Lafayette. He created a print at EPI while his exhibit, entitled “Present and Past” and featuring photography, prints, and sculpture, was shown at the Williams Center gallery.

Korsig is not only a print artist but also a painter, photographer, and designer of artist-made books. He is fascinated by human behavior under extreme conditions, like fear, violence, pressure or death. His exhibit in 2003 reflected an interest in neuroscience and used abstract forms to visualize brain activity responses to certain German and English phrases. He is especially interested in what he calls “the artistic conflict of those neurological and cognitive processes taking place in man,” which is not generally scientifically recorded (Korsig, 2007)

Korsig is well known for being a fine arts printmaker, but while most printmaking is done on a smaller scale, Korsig’s large works involve the use of steamroller to create the prints. Some of his woodcuts are nine seven by nine feet.

Born in Zwickau, Germany, Korsig is a professor of art at the Academy of Fine Art in Trier. He has had over 35 one-person exhibitions all over the world, including Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg, Trier, Leipzig, Lemgo, Weimar, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo. He has also been included in over 50 group exhibitions, including one in Allentown Art Museum entitled “Experimental Printmaking.” Korsig is the recipient of 13 international art prizes, including the prestigious International Studio Prize, New York. A book on the artist, Bodo Korsig: Fate, contains a chapter by Robert Mattison, Marshall R. Metzgar Professor of Art at Lafayette College.

About the Experimental Printmaking Institute

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