Judith Nika Pfeifer writes poetry, prose and plays. Her texts appear in Austrian and German literary magazines and anthologies, such as „kolik“, „Literatur und Kritik“, „the gap“, „Lichtungen“ and „Leaf Garden“. In 2008, together with munich poet Augusta Laar, she founded viennapoetics.

She experiments with and performs in transmedia art projects in Vienna, Berlin, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Montreal, Munich. In November 2013, she took part in the (by invitation-only) first Austrian-American Podium Dialog founded by Professor Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger together with Austrian writer Gabriele Petricek and held at Lafayette College in Easton, PA, USA.

Books: Violante (2017), manchmal passiert auch minutenlang gar nichts (sometimes nothing really happens, really; 2015). zwischen (between; Prose (2014). nichts ist wichtiger. ding kleines du (nothing is more important. thing little you; 2012).

Her critically acclaimed book zwischen, a collection of short stories, was awarded the Buchprämie 2014 by the Federal Chancellory of Austria. sometimes nothing really happens, really received the Buchprämie 2015.

Other prizes, invitations, and awards: Reinhard-Priessnitz-Prize 2012. Writer in Residence Paliano, Italy 2016. Villa Waldberta Residency Munich, 2015. Writer in Residence of the City Ptuj, Slovenia 2015. seestadt aspern 2014. Artist Residency Schloss Wiepersdorf, Germany 2014.

Her poems have been translated into English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Malayam, French, Italian, Slovenian, Serbian, Polish, Belarusian.