Dr. Schmauch was born in Silesia, then Germany, today Poland, and has maintained an active interest in Eastern Europe. As a child he experienced the German expulsion from Poland and grew up in the Soviet occupied East German zone. After twelve years in Lutheran ministry in Canada and the U.S., he and his wife, Kit, became directors of the World Fellowship Center in Conway, N.H. in 1970 from which they retired in 2001. During the past four years, Dr. Schmauch has traveled often to Poland and Eastern Germany to conduct research and to lecture on the topic of European identity and European integration.

On MONDAY, Oct. 31, 2005 at Kirby Hall, 5PM to 6:30 PM, Dr. Schmauch will present the Max Kade lecture entitled “The European Project – Where it’s coming from and where it’s going.”

The lecture is followed by DINNER in the Foundation Room, Marquis Hall.

On Wednesday afternoon at 4PM, he will speak to German students, faculty and staff about his childhood in Silesia during the Third Reich, the expulsion experience, and his teenage years in Soviet-occupied East Germany: “Meine Kindheit im Dritten Reich und meine Jugend in der Sovjet Zone” is taking place in the Max Kade Center (Pardee 429).